First Day care Portraits

The day care photographs arrived yesterday. Neither pose was very good. Hailey was crying in both of them. We had to buy the pictures anyway because they are Hailey’s first photographs. There could be a bit of a scam going on at the day care. The photographers don’t have to be good because they know you will buy them anyway. They also don’t have a fixed package. You buy by the sheet, $15 for the first, $10 for additional, and they already have printed out the sheets for you once you get there. You can buy all the sheets they have for $70. I decided to only get the larger prints, four sheets total. So they were left with some already printed sheets, I think they were also about to try the up-sale of overpriced frames, but I would have none of that.

When I went to scan the photographs, I found this picture sitting on the scanner, I think I was going to scan it a while back. I must have gotten distracted. That happens a lot these days. Anyway, here is Dr. Brinkman and Hailey D. Jones (The D is for Dr. Brinkman, really it is for Diane but that is still Dr. Brinkman, so there). Hailey is wearing her authentic Hawaiian dress from Meredith and Lisa’s trip to Hawaii.

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