New Years Eve

It’s the end of an old year and almost the start of the new. I had a
lot of free time this week because Hailey is at day care and I’m still
on mandatory vacation. I have cleaned house, assembled bookshelves,
done dishes, rebuilt computers, and scanned

an old bag of photographs from my mom

The bag included many good pictures, like this 3rd grade, I think,
portrait of me in my KISS t-shirt, and the making of an engineer: me
with my Tinker Toys.

Hailey Claus

Hailey had an awesome Christmas and Birthday. She has more toys than
any one child could ever play with. Her favorites, at the moment, are
a giant 16 inch ball and a Leap Frog learning table. She likes to open
the little compartment on the [learning table][1] and hear [a jazzy
woman’s voice [1]][2] [[2]][3]. She will do this repeatedly.

Hailey’s birthday party was held on Christmas day at 5:00 pm. Some
family members stopped by for the cake and

Here are some
pictures of Hailey in her Christmas outfit from her great-grandma. It
has matching mittens and a hat but Hailey didn’t like wearing

Last year Seton gave us a Christmas stocking to take our baby
home in. Here she is last year and this year.

[1]: (The Leap Frog Learning Table)
[2]: /wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2003/12/sound_1.mp3 (sound open the compartment the first time)
[3]: /wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2003/12/sound_2.mp3 (sound opening the compartment a second time)

Christmas 2003

On your first visit to the NICU, the nurses take a picture of your
baby with a Polaroid camera. They pretend to set up the photo and care
about its composition. In reality there is just so much you can do
when your baby is more tubes than baby. There isn’t even much they can
do when the one picture that you will have to show everyone your baby
is out of focus. The camera is old and well used, unfortunately. I
took the photo, I was happy to have it, and went downstairs to show
Brianna and the world who Hailey was. She was 3 pounds 3 ounces. She
couldn’t breath, eat, or survive without extreme medical assistance
but she was here and doing OK, considering.

A full year later, Hailey has a personality all her own. She can feed
herself chunks of pasta, fruit, vegetables, and bread. She has learned
what fun it is to share her food with the dog. Hailey gives hugs and
kisses, and she likes to babble to anything. It sounds like she says
cat when we see the kitty. She can definately say dad, and she knows
who her parents are. Hailey can crawl up and down the stairs.

Hailey has come a long way. At times it’s hard to believe that a year
has gone by already. Other times it feels like we have lived through
two or three years.

Happy Birthday Hailey and Merry Christmas!

A Gift From Thanksgiving

Over Thanksgiving weekend we went to [ Paris, Texas][1]. I took
Brianna and Hailey to meet my grandparents that I call Nanny Ruth and
Papa Gene. Nanny Ruth gave me a photo album of pictures from my
youth. This was great gift. I [scanned all the photographs][2] so I
could share them. [Enjoy!][3]

[2]: /photo_albums/nr_album
[3]: /photo_albums/nr_album/

Two Shopping Days Left

Finished Christmas shopping with a whole day to spare. It was so easy,
I mean, all girls like 5hp go-karts. Right? They do don’ they?

Three Shopping Days Left

Three shopping days left until Christmas and I haven’t bought anything
for Brianna yet. To make matters worse, I have no idea what to get
her. She is being tight lipped with any suggestions.