Hailey the Blast Furnace

Hailey has had pneumonia and bronchiolitis from the 3rd until around
the 18th. She is just getting back to her normal self after many doses
of ibuprofen and acetaminophen, numerous days of fevers above 102°F,
three trips to the Brakenridge Children’s Hospital Emergency Room, and
more trips to the pediatrician than we can count. We plan on returning
the nebulizer, its brand name is Mister Neb, the 22nd. This should signal the official recovery.

A time-line of events on those more worrisome days…

* Wednesday December 3, 2003

* 102°F Fever
* Sleeplessness through night
* Coughing congestion

* Thursday December 4, 2003

* Regular doctor around 8:00 am
* 103°F fever some dehydration
* Not flu
* Not urinary tract infection
* ER 4:00 pm 104°F fever
* Just a virus
* Other Doctor thought a chest X-ray would be good but
didn’t do one
* White blood cell count good
* Blood culture shows nothing
* 101-102°F fever rest of the day

* Friday December 6, 2003

* Regular doctor
* Chest X-ray looked clean

* Monday December 8, 2003

* ER 4:00 am
* Blood draining from nose in mucus (turns out this is
normal and common when there is a virus and the nose passageway
is dried up)
* Regular doctor the rest of the morning
* Two IVs
* New chest X-ray
* High fever 103°F through night

* Tuesday December 9, 2003

* Call from doctor consult of 2nd chest X-ray reveled pneumonia in
left lung
* Regular doctor 2 shots for anti-pneumonia treatment
* Augmentin (antibiotic) for 10 days
* 7:30 pm Regular doctor calls house
* Everything seems well fever a treatable 99°F
* 8:30 pm go to ER for 102°F+ fever
* Albuterol respiratory treatment blood oxygen level was down
(92% range should be 95+)
* 1:00 am go to 24 hour Walgreen’s for inhaler
(need a nebulizer but the company is closed for evening)
* 2:00 am get to bed

* Wednesday December 10, 2003

* So far no fever, will get nebulizer at 9:00 when the place opens
(social worker at ER called to set everything up should be ready
and paid for by insurance)

We ended up with three pink ER admission identification bands, one
toddler sized hospital gown with pink animals on it, and one [temporal
artery scanning thermometer][1] that takes temperature by scanning
across the forehead. The thermometer was given to us by the drug rep at Sanna’s office.

[1]: http://www.exergen.com