Photoprinter Bargain

We went to HEB to print out some digital photographs but the kiosk was unbearably slow. It took about 30 seconds to display each picture from the Canon’s memory card. We decided it would be better to just go buy a photo printer. I had investigated the HP Photosmart line and knew it was supported in Linux better than the Canon line. So we bought a HP Photosmart 7660 for $148.72. As we were being served, the manager stopped by to make sure we had received our free goodies that were included with every photo printer purchase. The free goodies were part of a promotion that wasn’s promoted very well. It was the first day and the signs were still in the back office. We got a $50 Office Depot gift card, and a package of photo paper for free. Awesome.

Getting this printer installed in Linux was no problem at all. . My only regret is that I didn’t get the next model up with the built in LCD screen. I didn’t think I would ever use the LCD screen, but it turns out to be very handy when printing directly from the memory card.

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