Out of Stock

Surprisingly this town is out of computer parts. On Monday I went to
Laboratory Computers to buy a motherboard and Athlon XP to replace the
damaged components in Brianna’s mom’s computer. The guy at the counter
said they were out of almost everything but a new shipment would
arrive on Tuesday.

Having learned my lesson I called on Tuesday so I wouldn’t drive down
there needlessly. They did have a shipment and everything I wanted was
there. When I got there the same guy as yesterday said they were out
of what I wanted. D’oh! Oh no, I say, I just called. Fortunately for
me, the guy I talked to on the phone put aside a motherboard and
processor for me since I said I would be right there. A new processor
isn’t much good without a cooling fan so I asked for one of
those. They were out of those so I went to CompUSA and couldn’t find
anything I liked. Fry’s didn’t fair much better. It seems that all the
stock fans are gone and only the super gimmicky gamer/over-clocker
fans remain, and at Fry’s they are all customer returns. I didn’t feel
good about buying one but I needed a fan so I picked the best looking
box and now have a super gimmicky over-clocker variable speed two ball
bearing fan. It is a decent fan but is a little loud at full blast for
my taste.

The rebuild went smoothly except for a problem with installing the
fan, but that was sorted quickly. Since my fan was an open
box/customer return, it had no instructions. I had a 50/50 chance of
getting it right the first time just by guessing but I guessed wrong.