Christmas 2003

On your first visit to the NICU, the nurses take a picture of your baby with a Polaroid camera. They pretend to set up the photo and care about its composition. In reality there is just so much you can do when your baby is more tubes than baby. There isn’t even much they can do when the one picture that you will have to show everyone your baby is out of focus. The camera is old and well used, unfortunately. I took the photo, I was happy to have it, and went downstairs to show Brianna and the world who Hailey was. She was 3 pounds 3 ounces. She couldn’t breath, eat, or survive without extreme medical assistance but she was here and doing OK, considering.

A full year later, Hailey has a personality all her own. She can feed herself chunks of pasta, fruit, vegetables, and bread. She has learned what fun it is to share her food with the dog. Hailey gives hugs and kisses, and she likes to babble to anything. It sounds like she says cat when we see the kitty. She can definately say dad, and she knows who her parents are. Hailey can crawl up and down the stairs.

Hailey has come a long way. At times it’s hard to believe that a year has gone by already. Other times it feels like we have lived through two or three years.

Happy Birthday Hailey and Merry Christmas!

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