Ha Ha Ha!

As you know web servers keep logs of who accesses a page, what
operating system they use, what browser they are using, and the
referring site. When the referring site is a search engine, the
referring URL includes what the user was searching for. According to
my logs, at least one person came to my site looking for a [“how to
change a diaper video”][1]. After [searching for this on Google][2], I
think the searcher had bad intentions.If you really wanted a diaper
changing video I wish could help you out. I have changed enough
diapers to really be a pro at it.

Another popular term is the [“genie
excellerator”][3]; an awesome garage door opener with difficult to
install safety devices. I have a new easier way to make sure the
obstacle beams are aligned properly. As soon as I can buy another
garage door opener for my side of the garage I will post instructions.

[1]: /articles/20021229.html
[2]: http://www.google.com/search?q=how+to+change+a+diaper+video
[3]: /articles/20020827.html