Last Sunday during a brief period of inattention I managed to break my
[digital camera][1]. I noticed that the CF Media card was feeling a
little stuck when I tried to insert it into the camera. Instead of
stopping, I applied a little more pressure and happened to bend two of
the I/O pins. There are two Canon service centers in the states for
digital cameras. My camera was wrapped in bubble wrap, placed in its
original box, wrapped in bubble wrap again, placed in another box and
shipped to Irvine, California with $1000 worth of insurance and
track-able delivery confirmation as requested by Canon. The service
center received the package at 11:30 a.m. on Thursday. I will
hopefully have my camera back in 7 to 21 business days. My biggest
fear now is that the repair will cost almost as much as the camera.

This whole fiasco can be blamed on my stupid Canon scanner that won’t
work with Linux. I needed to copy my insurance card so I could mail it
to one of the labs that did Hailey’s blood work last month. I couldn’t
use the scanner so I decided to take a picture of the card and then
print that out. That part of the plan worked perfectly but fell apart
when I decided it would be faster to plug the CF card into the
printer’s media card reader instead of plugging the camera into the
USB hub. My downfall came when I plugged the CF card back into the
camera. What a way to ruin a day.

[1]: /archives/2003/10/25/its_digital/