The Camera is Back

Canon has returned the Digital Rebel. They repaired the damaged CF pins for free and reprimanded me in the strictest possible way by including a photocopy of the page of the manual, which I have read by the way, that instructs the user of the camera on the proper insertion of the CF card. I do indeed feel like an idiot for bending the pins.

A repaired and functioning camera can mean only one thing, new pictures of Hailey.




On the day that this was posted, only the white box above was posted. The white box represents that I am speechless; I can think of nothing to say. On this day that we found out that Roscoe had lung cancer. [–ed 20060523 ]


Too Close to Home.

A new activity for enterprising criminals is becoming more common, called ‘ATM Skimming’, it requires someone to install a card reader and camera on the front of an otherwise official ATM. Using the ATM extras the thief can capture account number and PINs as you access your account.

Though is sounds easy to spot an ATM with a few optional accessories, the thieves are [ more clever than you think][1]. [ The UT Police Department][2] reports skimming activity in at least to areas of campus.

To protect your account information it is important to not use isolated ATMs, and to inspect the ATM for any odd looking accessories before you withdraw money.

[1]: http://slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=04/02/24/0034234&mode=nested [2]: http://www.utexas.edu/admin/utpd/atm.html

Bride of Frankenstein

Hailey has learned to walk. At first it was just a few steps around the toys, and a few steps towards the back door. She would only walk when I would prop her up and let her go. Her first steps were two Thursdays ago, around the 12th.

She will take one or two steps with stiff legs and awkward movement. Picture the bride of Frankenstein and you will have a good mental image. After a few steps she will tire, or realize that its faster to crawl.

Today was the first time that she showed day care what she can do. In a week or two, as we sit out of breath on the couch, we will look back and remember fondly the days that we could chase Hailey down without breaking a sweat. Soon she will be too mobile for our good.


Whiskey-Tango-Foxtrot? Over.

I was bored so I read the flyer from Discover Card about the upcoming changes to the card-member agreement. This has really caught my attention …

Default-Acceleration-Collection-Costs We are adding a new provision to this section stating that you will be deemed to be in default if you fail to make a payment when due on any other account you have with us or with another creditor. [emphasis mine]

Did they just say they could claim my account was in default if I made my car payment late?


The SUV Buyer

A recent article published in the New Yorker…

Fred J. Schaafsma, a top engineer for General Motors, says, “Sport-utility owners tend to be more like ‘I wonder how people view me,’ and are more willing to trade off flexibility or functionality to get that.” According to Bradsher, internal industry market research concluded that S.U.V.s tend to be bought by people who are insecure, vain, self-centered, and self-absorbed, who are frequently nervous about their marriages, and who lack confidence in their driving skills.

I’d take active safety, if the care seat would fit better.



The Mozilla Organization has renamed and released a new preview of their new lightweight, next generation browser. It was originally called Phoenix but they had a trademark issue with the Phoenix bios people, so they changed the name to Mozilla Firebird, but they had a naming conflict with an open source database server that was using the name Firebird first, now they have changed the name to Mozilla Firefox and have created a nice little branding program. This preview release includes and installer for Windows and includes all the great built-in features like

  • HTML and CSS standards support
  • Pop-up blocking
  • Tabbed browsing
  • Extensions

If I have installed Firebird on your computer in the past, you may now remove it, and install Firefox instead. If I haven’t installed a browser on your computer before, you should install FireFox immediately. Firefox is only a browser, so you can continue using the virus spreading e-mail program that you are accustomed to. Go on, install Firefox, I’ll wait.



Canon has notified me that my camera repair is not covered under warranty, but they will fix it for free as a one-time courtesy repair. I’ll take that.

Hailey has been able to stand unsupported for a while now, but tonight she stood on her own in the middle of the living room for the longest that I have ever seen. We might have reached 45 seconds. What makes this remarkable is what she was doing while she stood there. She was shaking her butt up and down, just as she does when she dances, and she wasn’t losing her balance. She finally fell down when she took a step towards the couch.

Any day now she will be walking and we won’t be able to keep up.


Debian Sid

It has been a while since I have switched Linux distributions, so today I installed Debian Sid. I have over 21GB of data in my home directory and don’t have a good way to back that up, so I installed Sid on top of Fedora Core 1. This was not the standard run of the mill install and created some problems I wouldn’t have had if I was able to format the drive and start from scratch. After figuring out the way the new Debian installer named disks I was able to move the old fedora root partition information into a safe backup directory. Then I allowed the installer to do its thing. I had to abort the default options a couple of times, mainly to manually update the apt/sources.list to install Sid instead of Sarge, and to install grub instead of lilo. So far I’m digging the apt-get way of installing packages, and the fact that almost everything I have ever wanted to install is available as a Debian package including XGalaga.

I went with Sid over Potato, or Sarge because the others don’t don’t have new enough packages for my taste. I thought about installing Gentoo again, but I couldn’t bring myself to sit through the compilation process again. My machine isn’s fast enough to wait through an entire Gnome build.


HDJ February 2004

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