Debian Sid

It has been a while since I have switched Linux distributions, so today I installed Debian Sid. I have over 21GB of data in my home directory and don’t have a good way to back that up, so I installed Sid on top of Fedora Core 1. This was not the standard run of the mill install and created some problems I wouldn’t have had if I was able to format the drive and start from scratch. After figuring out the way the new Debian installer named disks I was able to move the old fedora root partition information into a safe backup directory. Then I allowed the installer to do its thing. I had to abort the default options a couple of times, mainly to manually update the apt/sources.list to install Sid instead of Sarge, and to install grub instead of lilo. So far I’m digging the apt-get way of installing packages, and the fact that almost everything I have ever wanted to install is available as a Debian package including XGalaga.

I went with Sid over Potato, or Sarge because the others don’t don’t have new enough packages for my taste. I thought about installing Gentoo again, but I couldn’t bring myself to sit through the compilation process again. My machine isn’s fast enough to wait through an entire Gnome build.

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