The Mozilla Organization has renamed and released a new preview of their new lightweight, next generation browser. It was originally called Phoenix but they had a trademark issue with the Phoenix bios people, so they changed the name to Mozilla Firebird, but they had a naming conflict with an open source database server that was using the name Firebird first, now they have changed the name to Mozilla Firefox and have created a nice little branding program. This preview release includes and installer for Windows and includes all the great built-in features like

  • HTML and CSS standards support
  • Pop-up blocking
  • Tabbed browsing
  • Extensions

If I have installed Firebird on your computer in the past, you may now remove it, and install Firefox instead. If I haven’t installed a browser on your computer before, you should install FireFox immediately. Firefox is only a browser, so you can continue using the virus spreading e-mail program that you are accustomed to. Go on, install Firefox, I’ll wait.

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