Shark Attack

One of the boys in Hailey’s day care class bit her on the arm because she would not move. Hailey is going to learn Toddler-Fu!


Computer Outsourcing

If you are a manager or CEO or CIO or in charge of deciding the fate of your IT infrastructure, and you are considering outsourcing to CSC, I offer you this service.

I offer to strike you over the head repeatedly with the “Hammer of Enlightenment” until you come to a more sensible decision.

There is no charge for this service.


Our March Trip to San Antonio to See Fredd & Rox

See the Our March Trip to San Antonio to See Fredd & Rox set See the Our March Trip to San Antonio to See Fredd & Rox set.

Road Trip

We finally went to see Fredd and Roxanne in San Antonio. They took us to the farmer’s market plaza for lunch. Hailey (and me and Brianna) really enjoyed the sights, sounds, and food. Fredd took pictures.



An old, yet interesting, article originally published in The New Yorker discusses Judith Harris’s hypothesis and observations that a child is more influenced more by her peers than she is by her parents.

…her article was accepted, and in the space below her name, where authors typically put “Princeton University” or “Yale University” or “Oxford University,” Harris proudly put “Middletown, New Jersey.” Harris listed her CompuServe address in a footnote, and soon she was inundated with E-mail, because what she had to say was so compelling and so surprising and, in a wholly unexpected way, so sensible that everyone in the field wanted to know more. Who are you? scholars asked. Where did you come from? Why have I never heard of you before?

This article was a precursor to her book The Nurture Assumption.

To me, it seems that in order to satisfy this hypothesis and influence the type of person Hailey becomes when she is older, I would need to influence the type of children that are in her peer group. The only problem is that I have always hated the medaling parent who stereotyped and excluded people based on their looks, family, or last name.


Hailey's Swag

Now you can buy Hailey gear and merchandise from the exclusive and private Shop Dustacio store. No really. Choose the t-shirt or the lunch box. Each is under $20.


Not So Much

Brianna and I took Thursday and Friday off. We wanted to complete the yard work.

Our plan was to buy the supplies and get most of the work done before the weekend. Instead, we ended up running errands most of the day. The pets went to the vet, this required separate cars since Natasha would make an appetizer of Gizmo. My car was dropped off twice, once for tires and once for a state inspection. We went by Lowes and bought plants, we still need more mulch.

While waiting for my car to get its inspection, we stopped by Toys R Us and bought Hailey a “SwingAlong(TM) Castle.” We had to select by looking at the box and guessing the maximum size that would fit in Brianna’s car. I think this is as big a box that can ever go back there. The box claimed twenty minute assembly, I think it took us about half an hour. Hailey really loves climbing on this thing. For her it is always over, not around.


Three Year Wedding Anniversary

See the Three Year Wedding Anniversary set See the Three Year Wedding Anniversary set.

Our Third Year

Three years ago today, on a St. Patrick’s Day that started off foggy and wet just like today, Brianna and I said I do.


Remodeling the Yard

See the Remodeling the Yard, March 2004 set See the Remodeling the Yard, March 2004 set.