Toil, and More Toil

Friday morning, four cubic yards of dirt are delivered to my
driveway. I drove home for lunch and put plastic sheeting on the dirt
so I could have topsoil and not mud.

On Friday night we met my parents in South Austin for some Chinese
buffet. Our main mission was to borrow my dad’s truck in exchange for
Hailey so we could get some yard work done.

Hailey enjoyed the Chinese place but not for the food. There was so
much going on around her that she couldn’t concentrate on food. First,
there was a man behind us in a cowboy hat. Hailey couldn’t stop
staring at him and his family. Then, the waiter brought Hailey a
helium filled balloon that she played with until she knocked over my
mom’s tea glass. Hailey was brave enough to try a California roll but
she didn’t like the rice.

Once we had the truck Brianna and I made our first of at least four
trips to the home improvement warehouse. On our first night we bought:
gloves, landscape edging, six bags of mulch, air conditioning filters,
trash bags, a water filter for the refrigerator, and a new solid
rubber tire for my wheelbarrow.

On Saturday morning we woke up early and went back to the home
improvement warehouse to buy plants and shrubs and more mulch. We also
got started on the yard. At about one or two it started raining and we
had to call it a day. So we went to get Hailey from my parent’s house.

On Sunday morning we pawned Hailey off on Sanna and Elizabeth and we
got back to work. We had planned on doing the front and back yards but
could barely finish with just the front. By Sunday mid-morning we were
back at the home improvement warehouse to buy more plants, and more
mulch. We finished with the front yard and I started the very hard
task of moving the remaining dirt to the back yard. Nightfall
prevented my from finishing.

On Monday morning while I was at work Hailey coned her Great
Grandfather Roscoe and Great Uncle Ralph into moving the rest of dirt
into the back yard.

As you can see from the before and after pictures, the yard looks