Not So Much

Brianna and I took Thursday and Friday off. We wanted to complete the yard work.

Our plan was to buy the supplies and get most of the work done before the weekend. Instead, we ended up running errands most of the day. The pets went to the vet, this required separate cars since Natasha would make an appetizer of Gizmo. My car was dropped off twice, once for tires and once for a state inspection. We went by Lowes and bought plants, we still need more mulch.

While waiting for my car to get its inspection, we stopped by Toys R Us and bought Hailey a “SwingAlong(TM) Castle.” We had to select by looking at the box and guessing the maximum size that would fit in Brianna’s car. I think this is as big a box that can ever go back there. The box claimed twenty minute assembly, I think it took us about half an hour. Hailey really loves climbing on this thing. For her it is always over, not around.

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