My First Car

At 3,200 RPM with the pedal pushed completely to the floor the speedometer needle could almost say hello to 70 MPH. Dust particles would flow through the air vents. The hood would lift at the rear; straining the latch and threatening to open. The roar of the engine matched the wind noise and blocked all other sounds.

Emblems, chrome, and covers were removed. The once blue metallic paint had been replaced by a mixture of light and dark gray primer, Bondo, and fiberglass. The interior complimented the sparse exterior. There were no sun visors, door skins or a center console. Those were deemed unnecessary and removed. Two well worn bucket seats, their upholstery disintegrated from age, covered with itchy tweed-like seat covers to keep the foam in place, accommodated the driver and passenger. The smell of oil and exhaust regularly filled the cabin.

The temperamental car would occasionally refuse to return to life and leave its occupants stranded, but it offered a new found freedom capable of masking any downside.

Circa June 1989. The vehicle in question.

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