Hailey has an ever increasing vocabulary. Today at day care she told a child to ‘stop’. He must have done something Hailey didn’t like. She also shared her toy with another child without being asked to.

At home Hailey says ‘Hi’ when she sees the cat for the first time in the morning, or when Brianna comes home from work, or when I come back from the store. Every time she does it, it catches me completely off guard. It is the clearest word she says. She seems to know exactly what it means.

Day care is teaching Hailey some sign language. They plan to teach her more during the summer. Right now she knows ‘cookie’. Luckily for us, a graham cracker or a goldfish cracker is an acceptable substitute for a cookie.

I have been busy teaching Hailey the finer nuances of barnyard animal sounds. She can moo and almost quack. She thinks a pig growls instead of oinks and she thinks a lamb says ‘ha ha haaa’. It’s probably better that way. Her growl for the lion is different than the growl for the pig which is different still from the growl of the tiger. Three distinct growls, I’m proud. One day very soon we may get meow down but that one is harder than it sounds.

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