Bang All You Want

At our house, you can’t use the computer when Hailey is around. She likes to help you by banging on the keyboard as you try to type. She thinks she is helping, but it is hard to type a coherent message when little fingers are busy reaching for keys.

Today at Fry’s we picked up a keyboard just for Hailey. I opened the box and cut the cord off the keyboard even before I had unwrapped all the plastic. It is weird feeling to disable, completely, a brand new keyboard before it has ever sent a keystroke. If the plan works, Hailey will enjoy banging on her very own keyboard more than she likes being herded away from the main keyboard. If all goes well this could be the best $4.99 we ever spent.

PHP Markdown

John Gruber wrote an awesome Perl script called Markdown that allows blog entries to be written in the old school usenet and plain text e-mail way.

A PHPified WordPress plugin of the same is included with WordPress or, for the latest and greatest, look to the official home of the PHP Markdown plugin.

_Note: The preceding announcement is to help me remember where I found the latest and greatest PHP Markdown plugin, you my technophobic reader, may disregard this post._

We've Moved

Easy things are easy and hard things are possible.

That is the Perl mantra. The easy thing of moving my site from a custom Template::Toolkit
based site over to the CMS d’jour was much more difficult than anticipated.

I wrote scripts to parse my articles, photgraphs, and photo albums. Then I learned enough
PHP to write a custom plug-in to manage all my photographs and photo galleries.

I like how easy it was to learn PHP and create my “Ansel”
plug-in, but that doesn’t stop me from wishing I could have written it in Perl.

All the links, articles, and photographs should be here. All the links should work. If you “clicky-clicky” on something and it doesn’t work, please let me know.

Thank you, that is all.

40 Days, and 40 Nights

San Marcos is a small town situated midway between the sprawling
outskirts of Austin and San Antonio. Each year, in the summer,
approximately half of the town’s population leave when the school year
ends. Today Fredd and I returned to visit the history, memories, and
landscape of the town that was our once our home.

Central Texas has seen rain since the week began. The rivers San
Marcos and Blanco make their course through the small town. The heavy
continuous rain has resulted in speculation that one or both of the
rivers could flood. We were on the lookout, camera’s in hand, to
document the flood. Instead we come away with the luscious green
landscape and roaring waterfalls.


Today is cloudy, gloomy, wet, and grey. But through the magic of
pictures we can return to the sunny, and glorious beginning of the

To Sleep

To sleep
will I go
and with ease
without screams

Can I allow
pleasant dreams
to find me
No, Not Me