It’s been almost 30 days since I last updated this site. Some may think that I have simply fallen off earth. Others may think, or are hoping, that I have been abducted by space aliens. The truth is that none of the aforementioned doomsday scenarios have come to pass. Instead, I am my own victim.

At work I have been busy getting my unrulely and overwhelming project back on the road to success. At times, coding this project is tedious and mind numbingly boring. Other times doing something clever and non-obvious makes the job fun again.

At home I have been busy with household chores. We have moved the office from upstairs to downstairs. This move has resulted in more space in Hailey’s room because the big person’s bed has been moved to the Longhorn Guest Room (fka the old office). We are now ready to accommodate guests, should any decide to venture to this area. We now have more space in the office for books and can begin to purchase reading material once more.

Hailey continues to change at her incredibly alarming pace. She can understand complete and complex phrases. Pick up the paper and take it to the trash, results in an action that resembles the phrase. She can tell you, with her albeit limited vocabulary, what she wants. “Up please,” is my current favorite phrase. To hear it would absolutely melt your heart.

Hailey has moved from her crib to a toddler bed. Going to bed now seems to take forever. Eventually this too will be easy and second nature. For now though, going to bed seems to be the most difficult thing in our day.

Over the weekend we were outside in the back yard when Hailey started saying ball, ball, ball. I had to tell Hailey that there is no ball back here. I shouldn’t have been so quick to jump to my conclusion. When I looked up from what I was doing I noticed that one of the neighbors kids had lobed a beach ball over the fence and there was, in fact, a ball in the backyard. I guess she told me, I’m sure it won’t be the only time that she is right and I am wrong.

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