Each day at day care Hailey’s teachers write a brief paragraph describing her day. Yesterday we learned that Hailey liked the snake that came with the petting zoo. Some of the other kids did as well, I overheard one little boy telling his parents all about it. Today we learned that Hailey enjoys Mexican Fiesta Chicken Casserole. I don’t know what that is but Hailey enjoyed three servings of it.

We also learned that her book habit from home has carried over to school. If you let Hailey near the stairs, she will climb up to her room, bypassing all the toys and excitement along the way, and head straight for her books. You will then have the joy of reading one or two pages from a book while she goes to get you another one. You must sit Indian style during this time. Hailey will sit on your lap between books. Day care reports that Hailey asks for books during play time.

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