Busy, Busy, Busy

I have been a busy little bee lately. It is hard to believe that summer is almost half-way over. Hailey has been keeping me busy. I haven’t had time for anything else. Brianna has been working the long hours for the large bonus pay. She has made enough to buy a pretty laptop. If Motorola stock would stop tanking, I might buy myself one since she won’t let me use hers.

I have been given the responsibility of a diesel powered toy. It is short sided of them not to put PDFs of the Operator’s Manual on their website, but Elizabeth has been able to find one at a local dealer. I will perform the 500 hour scheduled maintenance this weekend, then it will be back to mowing. I’ve set on the seat of that thing long enough to be able to whip it around like a real pro. According to the manual, top speed is somewhere around 14 MPH but it feels much faster with diesel fumes in you face while your bouncing over ever uneven part of the yard.