I am always amazed at the pace that Hailey learns things. Today when driving home from HEB she was sitting in her car seat, entertaining herself by babbling, and said, “Texas Texas Yee-haw,” with no prompting. It only took a week or so of hearing that before she used it on her own. But that phrase was pushed onto her, she did not learn it as freely as she has learned some other things. Some things she has completely picked up on her own.

She knows if something is too high, pull a chair over to stand on.

When it is time to eat, she knows to get into her chair. She can get in there all by herself. It frightens me every time I see her scale the side of the chair to get up to the table, but Hailey has no confidence problems.

When the microwave beeps at the end of the program, Hailey knows it is time to eat.

She knows that food is hot, and ice cubes are cold.

She knows that food, and doggy treats, are kept in the pantry. She can identify, open, and deliver a doggy treat from the shelf to the dog, all on her own.

She knows that when dad fills his glass with ice, that she needs to tell him to get a straw. She knows that whatever dad is drinking will taste better that what is in her cup.

She knows that the homemade desserts are kept on top of the microwave. She can’t see them, but she knows they are there. Sometimes she will just stand in front of the microwave doing the sign for ‘more.’

She knows that a key is required to open the filing cabinet, she doesn’t know which key, so she tries every key she can get her hands on.

She knows that going to Nanny and Papa’s house means ‘moo.’ She knows that Gamma and Beta’s house means ‘Bubba’ and ‘Papa.’

When something falls, or is out of place, she says ‘uh-oh,’ when she loses her balance she says ‘whoa.’ At the end of the book she says ‘bye-bye,’ and when the cows are not around she says ‘all-gone.’

She knows that if she stands at her door and screams at 2:00 o’clock in the morning with her stuffed animal tucked under her arm, dad will come and get her.