Barnyard Sounds

Barnyard sounds starring Hailey Jones. My personal favorite is Goose. Rooster is running a close second.

[videojs_video url=/wp-content/uploads/2004/10/hdj-barnyard-sounds-20041020.mp4]

Crime Scene Investigation

An Austin Crime Scene Investigation van was out today to get some data on the catamaran. The stranded boat should find its way home soon. If the boat has the Texas registration numbers or the serial number still intact, they should be able to locate the persons who abandoned their watercraft on my thoroughfare.

Garbage Disposals

Garbage disposals are nasty. If they jam, you can be sure they will jam when full of bits of food that you didn’t want. Normally when you need to ‘fix’ a garbage disposal, you only need to free whatever is jamming the rotor. This is often accomplished using the handle of a broom. The idea is to move the rotor with the broom handle and free whatever was obstructing the motion.

If you own the Whirlpool GC2000 that has been jammed by the ingestion of a small aquarium rock, the broom handle method may not work. In that situation you may use a 9/16 inch socket on an extension to turn the rotor. This is a better method than the broom handle because your torque is applied directly to the rotor. Be careful not to over-torque the ratchet or you may destroy the pipe that connects the garbage disposal to the sink drain. In some installations this is all that counteracts the torque you will apply to the rotor.

Do not fear a broken pipe. A 12 inch version can be purchased at Lowe’s for the paltry sum of $2.10. The drive is short and uneventful, but if the only reason you are at home is because your daughter had a fever and a cold, your daughter may not enjoy the ride. In fact, your daughter may not enjoy your lack of attention while you try to unmount, unjam, and reattach the garbage disposal while playing with her. Your sick daughter, if you have one, may want to play in the nasty bits of food you dumped into the garbage can or the plumber’s putty that you had in the garage.

I don’t know this from experience or anything, I was just thinking **what if**.

Nap Time

After a long day of playing with Zachary and Autumn, Hailey got a bath and climbed into Zachary’s arms so he could carry her around. It didn’t take long for dinner, the bath, and the fun to catch up with Hailey and force her to catch some sleep.

Race Car Shopping Carts

Tonight we went grocery shopping and happened to park next to the “Parent’s” aisle. I convinced Brianna to try the kids shopping cart. It is a large plastic race car with room for two. I strapped Hailey in and she was good for almost the entire trip. I started saying “beep-beep” when people were in the way and Hailey quickly picked up and started imitating me. Camera phones are good at times like these because I can share what it was like.

Not Enough Goo

There isn’t enough antibiotic goo in the world to make my eye better. I have a clogged tear duct that has been bothering me since last May. I have had ointments, drops, a variety of pills, and [three eye surgeries][1], but the stupid thing is still there. My surgeon gave me the options this morning and the only real alternative is to drain it again. On October 15th, I will have my forth eye surgery.



A small one and a half lane road winds from the west side of my place of employment around the far end of the parking lots and dumps into the parking lot for my building. This road is a private road built by my employer for use by the delivery trucks during the construction and fitting out of my building.

On Monday this small boat was left there.

On Tuesday afternoon, when I took this picture, it was still there. I don’t understand how this boat could be abandoned at my office. There are cameras in this parking lot, at least one per 10 meters. Security _must_ have seen who left the boat. It can’t be easy to remove a boat from a trailer and leave it abandoned in a field without anyone noticing.

Well, I thought it wouldn’t be easy, but apparently it was. I bet they had a clipboard when they did it.

*UPDATE* The catamaran is still there on Wednesday. I took a closer look and it is missing the mast, sail, and some of the rigging is unhooked. I added an additional closeup image.