A small one and a half lane road winds from the west side of my place of employment around the far end of the parking lots and dumps into the parking lot for my building. This road is a private road built by my employer for use by the delivery trucks during the construction and fitting out of my building.

On Monday this small boat was left there.

On Tuesday afternoon, when I took this picture, it was still there. I don’t understand how this boat could be abandoned at my office. There are cameras in this parking lot, at least one per 10 meters. Security _must_ have seen who left the boat. It can’t be easy to remove a boat from a trailer and leave it abandoned in a field without anyone noticing.

Well, I thought it wouldn’t be easy, but apparently it was. I bet they had a clipboard when they did it.

*UPDATE* The catamaran is still there on Wednesday. I took a closer look and it is missing the mast, sail, and some of the rigging is unhooked. I added an additional closeup image.