I was sitting at my desk today and Hailey walked up to say move da-da. I didn’t know what she wanted so I moved the chair a little so she could crawl under the desk like she likes to do. But she didn’t want to crawl under the desk. She tugged at my leg and said move da-da.

I got out of the chair and Hailey tried to crawl into the chair. She said up please, so I helped her get in. Now, I knew what she wanted. She sat all the way in the back of the chair and pressed her head against the back. I spun the chair around slowly, one revolution at a time. Each time around I would stop and she would say more, more da-da. So I would spin her around more, when I thought she would be too dizzy, I would stop.

Hailey would turn her head to the side and giggle loudly while moving her head back and forth. She was dizzy and she liked it. After sitting still for a few minutes she would say more da-da again, and away we would go.