Regarding CSI, Forensics, Paramedics, and Four Cop Cars

Brianna calls to say that an apartment that the had just leased to a Man, a Woman, and two kids had four cop cars, and a crime scene investigation van in front of it. The cops were heading up the stairs.

Brianna was worried that something had happened to one of the kids. Lyndi was dispatched to get nosey.

While on the phone Brianna reported that the paramedics had just arrived. I told her it was a murder or the like and they were there to pick up the body.

She was getting freaked out and said how do you know they are dead? I said, the paramedics will show up first if you are still alive.

Anyway, Lyndi returns from being nosey and has the real scoop.

The cops are there to serve a warrant for something stupid like hot checks. The cops are actually there to pick up the previous occupants of the apartment, not the people Brianna just leased to. The paramedics were actual forensics, they came to gather a handwritting sample.