Move Guys

Every day the sponge that is Hailey’s brain absorbs more of the world around her. At daycare she has moved to the next class level, leaving the familiarity of Stacie, Bobbie, Alex, and ‘Bella behind, but not forgotten. We begin each day explaining to Hailey where the different people she knows have gone.

Hailey runs through her mental contact list querying for the present location of her acquaintances. Usually we begin with, “Stacie go?” because school is Hailey’s first stop. “Stacie go?” asks Hailey. “She’s at school” we respond. Satisfied, Hailey moves to the next item, “Bobbie go?”

Each day, we are asked, and we report, on the presence of at least: Stacie, Bobbie, Alex, Alex’s Daddy, Alex’s Mommy, ‘Bella, Gamma, Beta, Nanny, Papa, Grandpa, Lyndi, Lulu, Bevo, Baby, and Natasha. We have the most fun with Natasha. We turn the question onto Hailey and say, “I don’t know Hailey, where did Natasha go?” Without thinking she will say firmly, “Work!” Then we say, “Does Natasha go to work?” and Hailey will smugly reply, “No!” Though she knows Natasha doesn’t work she tells us everyday that Natasha is at work. I think she enjoys getting the last word in and saying No.

Hailey gives us misleading information regarding her colors as well. When she is playing by herself she will pick up the cats toys, small colored balls, and put them in the basket naming each color as she moves along. When it is time for Hailey to show off her knowledge everything is suddenly blue. Hailey will pick up the pink ball, say pink and then put it in the basket. If you say, while Hailey is holding the ball, Hailey what color is that ball? It is suddenly blue. She knows it pink, or red, or green, or yellow. But it is much more fun to taunt the parents and say it is blue.

Hailey has also learned the meaning of mine and the use of the possessive noun. Hailey will let mommy know that it is “her daddy.” She will let us all know that the snacks are Hailey’s snacks. The jacket is Hailey’s jacket. The juice is Hailey’s juice. This weekend Nene and Gabie came over. When it looked like Nene was walking to close to her daddy, Hailey came and grabbed my legs and said “my daddy.” Nene was unphased, so Hailey tried a new tactic, this time she said “Hailey’s daddy.”

The fantasies and imagination of being a child are starting to show through strongly in Hailey’s behavior. Hailey has three stuffed animals that she likes to sleep with: Lulu, Bevo, and Baby. Yes, the baby doll was named baby, Hailey wasn’t feeling very creative the day she handed out names. This morning, Hailey met me at the baby-gate to her door. All three companions stuffed under her arm. Of course, they also had to come with us for the morning-get-ready-ritual.

Tonight Hailey crawled into bed and arranged each of her three bedtime companions in her bed. Lulu, Bevo, and Baby were carefully placed with their heads on the pillow and the blanket was moved up around them. Hailey then climbed to the middle of their pillow and said, “Move guys.”