Two Accidents in Two Days

Little Hailey has received two accident reports from daycare in only two days. Yesterday, she managed to cut two fingers on her hand. The daycare said Hailey didn’t cry when it happened so they only noticed later when they saw the blood on her jacket, stuffed lamb, and pants. Today Hailey fell off the toy firetruck while playing outside and landed on her face. Her nose is bruised and her lip is puffy. Her nose looked a little strange and overall she was acting cranky and irritable so we took her to after-hours to make sure there was nothing else wrong. She now has a clean bill of health with no unseen damage.

You may not know this but HEB makes a spray cleaner called Bravo. Bravo is excellent at removing dried blood stains. I sprayed Hailey’s jacket, jeans, and stuffed lamb and threw all three in the washer. All the blood is gone. “If you need to get blood out, use Bravo!” Somehow I don’t think HEB will be adapting that tag line for their advertising, but hey, it’s true.