Hailey Loves You

Tonight as Brianna and I put Hailey to bed, we played word games with Hailey. Brianna would say mommy loves you, and I would say no daddy loves you. Hailey would giggle. Finally after two or three times she said, “Hailey loves you.” and then she repeated mommy loves you, daddy loves you.

Hailey has become very affectionate as of late. She enjoys hugging and kissing now.

In the morning when Brianna is driving Hailey to school I will take Hailey out to the car and give her a kiss goodbye. Then I give mommy a kiss goodbye. If I don’t give mommy a kiss goodbye, Hailey will raise a stink and I will have to make sure that I give mommy a kiss too. Sometimes Hailey will wait until I’m walking off and say, “more kiss.” Brianna makes me come back and do all the kisses over.