Today Hailey came home and tried to jump off the ground. They must have been doing it at daycare. She would bend her knees and get real close to the ground and then spread her arms as she straightened out her legs.

She kept doing this over and over. Each time, I thought that she would clear the ground but, she didn’t. The best she could do is get her heels up and her toes dangling on the ground.

She thought it was a lot of fun. She giggled and would say wee. I tried to show her how to jump off the ground, but she wasn’t interested. She only wanted to see me do it more.

During dinner Hailey said that her teeth and ears hurt. We checked her temperature and it was creeping towards 99°F. We called after-hours and loaded Hailey and the guys into the car. It seems like everybody had to go to after-hours tonight, it was very crowded. Hailey did well during the examination, the lungs and ears are clear. The doctor thinks she may have a sinus infection so she gave us some antibiotics.

I Can Do It Myself

Hailey starts each morning with six silver dollar pancakes. You cook them in the microwave for 40 seconds. We take the pancakes out of the freezer, put them on a paper plate that is shaped like an animal and then put them in the microwave to cook.

The panda bear with a bee on his nose is not an acceptable plate for the pancakes. For three days I tried to give Hailey the panda bear plate. Each day she has made me put the panda bear back and get another plate. The rhino is ok, the koala bear is ok, and the frog has been ok. The panda bear is not ok.

I thought it would help get Hailey accustomed to numbers if I let her operate the microwave. I showed her how to press the numbers and press start. For now we try, press four, harder, there you go. Now press zero, now press start. I bet she will be able to do it by herself in a few weeks. She already knows the start button.

Today I sat her on the table across from her chair. Sitting on the table, she looked at her chair to say, “Hailey’s Chair.” She said something about sitting in Hailey’s chair so I went over to help her get into her seat. She stopped me and said, and I’m not kidding, “I can do it myself.”

I was so excited that I yelled over to Brianna and said did you hear that. Brianna heard but told me to hold on to the chair anyway to make sure it was safe.

Cache Control Private

Ugh! It is getting harder and harder to find the right answer to technical problems on the first page of Google’s search results. I offer this here so I never have to search for the answer again.

When you are developing web applications, you sometimes want the user to be presented with a “File Save” dialog box to save a file on their computer instead of opening it in their browser.

To do this you add a “Content-Type” and a “Content-Disposition” header. For an Excel file in a Ruby on Rails application you would put these lines in the controller:

def download
@headers[‘Content-Type’] = “application/vnd.msexcel”
@headers[‘Content-Disposition’] =

If you do this Mozilla, Firefox, and Internet Explorer will download the file and save it to your desktop. If you click “Open” instead of “Save” in Mozilla or Firefox, Excel will open the file instead. Just as it should.

If you click “Open” instead of “Save” in Internet Explorer, Excel will complain that it can’t find the file. Unless Excel is already open. If Excel is already open the file will open normally just as it does in Mozilla or Firefox.

After 15 or so minutes of searching I was finally able to find the right search terms to illuminate the problem. Internet Explorer has some cache issues. To fix this, add a “Cache-Control” = “private” header.

The method in Ruby on Rails would become:

def download
@headers[‘Content-Type’] = “application/vnd.msexcel”
@headers[‘Content-Disposition’] =
@headers[‘Cache-Control’] = “private”

I hope to never have to search for this again.

Big Hugs

Hailey learned about hugs and kisses from being tucked in. You tuck in the guys, give them hugs and kisses and then move to Hailey and give her hugs and kisses.

Somewhere along the way, Hailey learned, or made up, big hugs. When it is time to leave or go night-night, Hailey will say, “big hugs.” Then she will stretch her arms out as wide as they will reach and wait for you to get closer. Then she will wrap her arms around your neck and squeeze you as tight as she can manage. It is the greatest thing ever.

Freeze It

People are always calling and asking me for computer help. When all else fails I seem to be the man of last resort.

Yesterday this guy that used to work with me called up. He was honest and began the conversation with, “I’ve got a computer problem.” I figured as much. His Windows machine wouldn’t recognize his hard drive. This is an easy one to fix, buy a new hard drive and restore from backup.

Like most people he didn’t have a backup. He did have some important files left on the disk. He wanted these files back so he took his computer to one of the local shops. They were unable to get his detect his drive.

He called me to find out about data recovery services. I have read about a few but I couldn’t recommend any. My information says they are expensive. Rates start in the thousands of dollars. These are companies that take your drive to a clean room and connect your platters to new electronics in order to get your information back. This wasn’t a solution for him.

A while back I read that a hard drive could be frozen, in your freezer right next to the asparagus, as a last resort.I mentioned this to him. He was skeptical but tried anyway, there was nothing to lose. A while later he called to say Windows was able to boot off the drive, but would lock up before he could get to his files.

I think this would have worked better for him if he booted from his alternate drive, my choice would be to boot into Linux, and had then used copied the data off as quickly as possible before the drive warmed up.

I didn’t offer any further help. There are two computers getting serviced in the garage already, I don’t need any more work.

Broccoli and Hugs

Hailey is really observant. She notices all the little things going on around her. Yesterday I was making some stir-fry for dinner. Hailey likes to help so she pulled up a chair and was standing next to me. As I was stirring dinner, Hailey says, “Broccoli! Broccoli Daddy.” At first I just looked around trying to see what she was talking about. Where was broccoli. Then I looked down and realized what I was cooking, and yes it did contain a small amount of tiny broccoli stalks.

Hailey is also comfortable with the routine. In the morning we are not ready for school until the cat, dog, and fish have all been feed. If I get feed them when Hailey isn’t around, we will have to feed them again when she is ready. If we don’t, her morning is thrown out of whack. She might think they will go hungry if she doesn’t get them fed. There is a construction project going on beside her daycare. Each day when when we leave. Hailey must inform me that the construction site is a big mess and the tractors are responsible.

At night the bedtime routine includes putting all the stuffed animals, “the guys,” into bed and giving each one a hug and a kiss. Finally you can tuck them under the covers and give Hailey a hug and a kiss. If you forget one of the guys, Hailey will remind you. Sometimes she shows favortism to Elmo and puts him in line twice. A few nights ago, I gave Hailey her goodnight kisses but no hug. Hailey is her cutest voice ever says, “Hailey hugs, daddy.” When I bent down to give her a hug she wrapped her hands around my neck as tight as could be and wouldn’t let go, not that I minded or anything.