Broccoli and Hugs

Hailey is really observant. She notices all the little things going on around her. Yesterday I was making some stir-fry for dinner. Hailey likes to help so she pulled up a chair and was standing next to me. As I was stirring dinner, Hailey says, “Broccoli! Broccoli Daddy.” At first I just looked around trying to see what she was talking about. Where was broccoli. Then I looked down and realized what I was cooking, and yes it did contain a small amount of tiny broccoli stalks.

Hailey is also comfortable with the routine. In the morning we are not ready for school until the cat, dog, and fish have all been feed. If I get feed them when Hailey isn’t around, we will have to feed them again when she is ready. If we don’t, her morning is thrown out of whack. She might think they will go hungry if she doesn’t get them fed. There is a construction project going on beside her daycare. Each day when when we leave. Hailey must inform me that the construction site is a big mess and the tractors are responsible.

At night the bedtime routine includes putting all the stuffed animals, “the guys,” into bed and giving each one a hug and a kiss. Finally you can tuck them under the covers and give Hailey a hug and a kiss. If you forget one of the guys, Hailey will remind you. Sometimes she shows favortism to Elmo and puts him in line twice. A few nights ago, I gave Hailey her goodnight kisses but no hug. Hailey is her cutest voice ever says, “Hailey hugs, daddy.” When I bent down to give her a hug she wrapped her hands around my neck as tight as could be and wouldn’t let go, not that I minded or anything.