Today Hailey came home and tried to jump off the ground. They must have been doing it at daycare. She would bend her knees and get real close to the ground and then spread her arms as she straightened out her legs.

She kept doing this over and over. Each time, I thought that she would clear the ground but, she didn’t. The best she could do is get her heels up and her toes dangling on the ground.

She thought it was a lot of fun. She giggled and would say wee. I tried to show her how to jump off the ground, but she wasn’t interested. She only wanted to see me do it more.

During dinner Hailey said that her teeth and ears hurt. We checked her temperature and it was creeping towards 99°F. We called after-hours and loaded Hailey and the guys into the car. It seems like everybody had to go to after-hours tonight, it was very crowded. Hailey did well during the examination, the lungs and ears are clear. The doctor thinks she may have a sinus infection so she gave us some antibiotics.