Hailey Go To Work

So Brianna taught Hailey to say “see you later, have a nice day at work” to me when I am leaving to go to work. Somewhere else Hailey learned to say, on Fridays, “Bye, see you Monday.” Today, after we parked in the driveway, I unbuckled Hailey and she crawled into the front seat of the car, sat down, and said, “Bye, Hailey go to work now.”

Learning From Nemo

Everyday I watch __Finding Nemo__. There is a part where Nemo gets stuck in the filter tube and Gill want him to get out by himself. Yesterday, Hailey is sitting on the couch watching Nemo try to get out of the filter tube and she says, “Nemo, get out by himself.” “Hailey do it by herself, too.”

So there you have it, Hailey’s independence is a result of watching __Finding Nemo__.

Got It!

Hailey does everything herself these days. She will do something like get off the bed and you will offer to help her by saying, “Can I help you?” and she will reply back, “No, got it.” If Hailey gets stuck and needs a hand she will ask, “a little help?” or “Daddy, help you?”

She also has a heart melting way of saying hi. When you sit next to her she will say, “Hi, Hi Dadda.” But she doesn’t just use this heart-melting welcome on people. We also hear, “Hi, Hi Lu-lu”, “Hi, my Cookie Monster”, and “Hi, Hi ‘tasha.”

Hailey’s favorite movie is Finding Nemo. In the last month I bet I have watched it over 50 times. It’s the first thing she wants to see when she gets home from school. No other movie will do. When Mr. Ray sings the song about the zones she will start singing with him. When the child on Mr. Ray’s back goes, “Oh man.” She will say it out loud as well. She even screams when the fish scream right after the diver pops up behind Nemo.

Four Years

St. Patrick’s day means Brianna and I have been married for four whole years. Longer than any pair of socks that she owns.

Our House

Yesterday a Realtor called to say that someone wanted to view our house between six and eight. I rushed home after work and cleaned up so it would be presentable. I put Natasha outside turned on some lights and went with Brianna and Hailey to have diner at Chuy’s with Brianna’s Moms.

When we came home, we couldn’t tell if anybody had been there. Hopefully this will be the first of many visitors and somebody will buy the place.


Hailey bag of tricks is growing daily. Within the last month she has:

Said “Tasha pretty”, after I put Natasha’s collar back on.
Said “Daddy listen”, when she wanted me to pay attention.
Discovered queso. When the chips couldn’t get the cheese to her mouth fast enough she resorted to using all four fingers on one hand to dip it to her mouth.
Said “Cheese”, when I pulled out the camera to take her picture.
Plays a game where she asks you where someone is and then says “right there.”