Got It!

Hailey does everything herself these days. She will do something like get off the bed and you will offer to help her by saying, “Can I help you?” and she will reply back, “No, got it.” If Hailey gets stuck and needs a hand she will ask, “a little help?” or “Daddy, help you?”

She also has a heart melting way of saying hi. When you sit next to her she will say, “Hi, Hi Dadda.” But she doesn’t just use this heart-melting welcome on people. We also hear, “Hi, Hi Lu-lu”, “Hi, my Cookie Monster”, and “Hi, Hi ‘tasha.”

Hailey’s favorite movie is Finding Nemo. In the last month I bet I have watched it over 50 times. It’s the first thing she wants to see when she gets home from school. No other movie will do. When Mr. Ray sings the song about the zones she will start singing with him. When the child on Mr. Ray’s back goes, “Oh man.” She will say it out loud as well. She even screams when the fish scream right after the diver pops up behind Nemo.