My Sincerest Hope

My most sincere hope is that every corporate shill that has ever authorized off-shoring or out-sourcing of a call center will spend their eternal afterlife listening to canned music while being shuffled from phone extension to phone extension with no hope of ever finding a person that can help them and never being able to fully or easily understand the person at the other end of the line, while construction workers drill holes in their skulls with dull bits driven by cordless drills with failing batteries. It’s the least karma could do.

We Can Fix Her, We Have the Technology

You know that game you play with children? The one where the child stands between two adults and the adults swing the child by the arms. The one where the child laughs with glee and demands more?

Well, you shouldn’t do that with children under three. Children under three are susceptible to dislocating their elbows. It is very painful. The doctors call this ‘nurse maids elbow’ for some reason.

Last night after leaving Chuy’s we were walking Hailey to the car. She was between us playing this game when all the sudden she went down and started screaming. I though I broke her arm but it was straight and in one piece. Hailey was holding her hand so my next thought was that I broke her hand. She wouldn’t stop crying or holding her hand, so we drove over to after hours.

After hours wasn’t busy, and we got in right away. The doctor knew instantly that Hailey’s elbow was dislocated and tried to reset it. She heard a pop and the elbow went back into alignment, but it wouldn’t stay there, when the doctor let go, the elbow would pop out again.

As a precaution we had to go over to radiology for some x-rays. Each time Hailey had to let go of her hand and move her arm she would scream. Eventually, we were able to get four x-rays and return to the examination room.

Nothing was broken but her elbow was still dislocated. The doctor said that she never had this problem and began to instruct us on the proper technique for reseting her elbow. We would have to keep trying at home until we got it to realigned. Remember that Hailey is in pain and screams loudly any time you attempt to move her arm. We weren’t looking forward to trying to reset it ourselves, the doctor warned that the longer it took to reset, the more painful it would be.

Before leaving the doctor tried one more time to reset Hailey’s elbow. Hailey screamed but this time it popped in and stayed there. Almost instantly Hailey was fine. On the way home she began using her hand again and was ok.

Even The Dog Listens

Hailey’s powers are mind numbing. She has managed to teach the dog to obey her. She took an ice-cube out of her cup, Natasha loves ice-cubes, Hailey doesn’t, and ordered Natasha to “Sit down.” Natasha put her head down and then, sat. She even lifted up her paw in the shake hands position.

Hailey made Natasha sit three or four times before finally giving her the ice-cube.

I Want To Go to the Park

Hailey has a weird sense of logic for somethings. Instead of saying she doesn’t want to go to day care, or school, she will say I don’t want to see Bobby. Of couse this sounds an awful lot like I want to see Bobby, so I will say, we are going to go see Bobby, but this just makes Hailey angry because that is not what she wants at all.

Bobby, by the way, is Hailey’s day care teacher from the previous class. I think that class happened at just the right age that she will always associate going to day care as going to see Bobby, even though she doesn’t actually see Bobby that much when she goes to day care.

This morning Hailey told me that she didn’t want to go see Bobby, she wanted to go to the park. When she realized that I wasn’t going to take her to the park, she changed her tune and wanted to go get ice cream. We went to Sonic last night to get milkshakes and ice cream.

All these requests are not surprising to me, they always involve doing something that we have done before. Often, on the way home from day care she will tell me that she doesn’t want to go home, she wants to go shopping. We sometimes go grocery shopping in the afternoon when Brianna comes home. When I make my turn to go to our neighborhood, Hailey will get upset and start screaming go shopping, go shopping.

Ubuntu — The Hoary Hedgehog Release 5.04

[Ubuntu]( released their newest version today, [5.04: The Hoary Hedgehog Release]( Fun naming conventions aside, this distribution is good enough for my mom to use. I have been running the pre-release version on my home system. I updated from [Debian]( Unstable so I didn’t get to experience the true Ubuntu experience, as I had Debian settings left behind.

Today when I came home, I decided it was time to install Ubuntu on my laptop, a HP nw8000. This laptop previously dual booted Win XP and Debian Sid. This is my work machine so I have to keep Win XP around for Netmeeting.

I copied my home directory and config files from my laptop to Brianna’s Mac using rsync. While I waited for the files to transfer to the Mac, I downloaded the relese CD, yes only one, using the torrent link. Despite the huge popularity of Ubuntu and the fact that today was the first day of the release, I was able to download the iso in 48 minutes. I left the Bit Torrent client running to help others, it is still going now.

I used K3B to burn the iso image and rebooted the laptop from the Ubuntu CD. Ubuntu’s installation program boots quickly. It is not a graphical installer, and there should be no apologies for that. It is very easy to get the system going without removing your hands from the keyboard. No mouse is required for this install.

The install preselected good defaults for everything. I didn’t repartion the drive because I didn’t want to mess with Window’s NTFS partition. I did reformat the Linux EXT3 partitions.

Once installed Ubuntu came up supporting sound, the touch pad and pointer, and the [Intel IPW2100 WiFi card]( The default install is a desktop class install with almost everything I need. I installed Ruby version 1.8 and all the ruby libraries, this version of apt supports regex’s so you can say

$ sudo apt-get install ruby1.8$

to install all packages that end with ruby1.8, which covers all th Ruby libraries. To get a C build system, install

$ sudo apt-get install build-essential

Finally to use WPA encryption to talk to my Linksys Router I did

$ sudo apt-get install wpasupplicant

With the packages out of the way I was able to create a wpasupplicant.conf file for my router, and now for the first time ever ….

I am typing this post, in Linux, on my laptop, wirelessly, upstairs.

__It’s a good day__