I Want To Go to the Park

Hailey has a weird sense of logic for somethings. Instead of saying she doesn’t want to go to day care, or school, she will say I don’t want to see Bobby. Of couse this sounds an awful lot like I want to see Bobby, so I will say, we are going to go see Bobby, but this just makes Hailey angry because that is not what she wants at all.

Bobby, by the way, is Hailey’s day care teacher from the previous class. I think that class happened at just the right age that she will always associate going to day care as going to see Bobby, even though she doesn’t actually see Bobby that much when she goes to day care.

This morning Hailey told me that she didn’t want to go see Bobby, she wanted to go to the park. When she realized that I wasn’t going to take her to the park, she changed her tune and wanted to go get ice cream. We went to Sonic last night to get milkshakes and ice cream.

All these requests are not surprising to me, they always involve doing something that we have done before. Often, on the way home from day care she will tell me that she doesn’t want to go home, she wants to go shopping. We sometimes go grocery shopping in the afternoon when Brianna comes home. When I make my turn to go to our neighborhood, Hailey will get upset and start screaming go shopping, go shopping.