We Can Fix Her, We Have the Technology

You know that game you play with children? The one where the child stands between two adults and the adults swing the child by the arms. The one where the child laughs with glee and demands more?

Well, you shouldn’t do that with children under three. Children under three are susceptible to dislocating their elbows. It is very painful. The doctors call this ‘nurse maids elbow’ for some reason.

Last night after leaving Chuy’s we were walking Hailey to the car. She was between us playing this game when all the sudden she went down and started screaming. I though I broke her arm but it was straight and in one piece. Hailey was holding her hand so my next thought was that I broke her hand. She wouldn’t stop crying or holding her hand, so we drove over to after hours.

After hours wasn’t busy, and we got in right away. The doctor knew instantly that Hailey’s elbow was dislocated and tried to reset it. She heard a pop and the elbow went back into alignment, but it wouldn’t stay there, when the doctor let go, the elbow would pop out again.

As a precaution we had to go over to radiology for some x-rays. Each time Hailey had to let go of her hand and move her arm she would scream. Eventually, we were able to get four x-rays and return to the examination room.

Nothing was broken but her elbow was still dislocated. The doctor said that she never had this problem and began to instruct us on the proper technique for reseting her elbow. We would have to keep trying at home until we got it to realigned. Remember that Hailey is in pain and screams loudly any time you attempt to move her arm. We weren’t looking forward to trying to reset it ourselves, the doctor warned that the longer it took to reset, the more painful it would be.

Before leaving the doctor tried one more time to reset Hailey’s elbow. Hailey screamed but this time it popped in and stayed there. Almost instantly Hailey was fine. On the way home she began using her hand again and was ok.