A Hailey Update

I have been keeping up with several tidbits to share with you.

> Hailey: Natasha has no hands.

> Dad: What? What does she have?

> Hailey: Feets.

> Do you have hands daddy?

Hailey has really good manners. I make her diner on most nights. On one otherwise insignificant night we had this exchange where she managed to say it all.

> Hailey: Thank you for cooking my diner, please. Thank-you. Your welcome.

Hailey knows a lot of words and how to use them. Her ability to repeat things that you think she wasn’t listening to is uncanny. Sometimes though, she will misunderstand a concept. She understands the concepts of things she likes, but she misuses the words to describe them. When she wants you to know that she likes something a lot, she will say, “It’s my favorite color.” This phrase applies to books, food, juices, and even people.

I brought an old milk cup home from day care. I thought that it was fresh so I let Hailey take a drink. She got it close to her nose and then handed it back to me and said, “this is probably old.” It wasn’t just old, it was nasty.

Sometimes Hailey can be demanding. She asked her mom for some milk.

> Hailey: Mommy, get me milk.

> Put some ice in it.

> Shake it.

> Do the Hokey Pokey and shake it all about

She learns new concepts at school and will spring them on me when I least expect it. One day after school she came home and got up at the table to have her snack. She pushed the center piece flower arrangement back and told me, “flowers are beautiful.”

If you rush Hailey to get out of the car, or up the stairs, she will often show her stuburn resolve and say in a don’t rush me tone, “I am coming!”

And finally, if you take too long to get Hailey something, she might tell you to “Chop! Chop!”