For the Boys

We have moved to our new house and Hailey is finally adjusting to her new day care. She finally enjoys going to school and seeing her new friends. Two of her new ‘friends’ at daycare are Sweat Pea and Popeye. They are rats and they have recently had babies. Hailey tells me that she wants a baby rat for her birthday. I think this will be the only gift she asks for that I won’t buy her. I don’t like rats!

Today after picking Hailey up from school we came home and did our normal routine. We ate some unhealthy snacks, drank a little milk, and made dinner. While I was making dinner, I sat Hailey up on the counter and let her play with the disposable cups and the dispenser. Soon she had every cup out and was acting like she was pouring milk into them.

Daddy, can you please give this one to Darcy, she is eating her breakfast.

Daddy, these are for the boys.

I assume Darcy is a new friend from day care. I think the boys were the two construction workers working on the concrete slab next door.