She's Three

Hailey turns three today. She had Christmas in the morning and birthday gifts in the afternoon. Her favorite Christmas present may have been a tube a lip balm that she calls her lipstick. For her birthday, she got more presents, wrapped in birthday paper. Rachael made Hailey a pink Barbie cake with an ice cream filling.

Favorite Gift

Hailey's Cake


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About Three Minutes

About three minutes is how long it took Hailey to notice that I wasn’t wearing glasses after I picked her up. I think she would have noticed sooner but she was crying because I made her leave school before she was finished playing a game.

Alex's Birthday Party

Spent the early part of the morning in north Austin at Texas Jumping Bean where Alex had his 3rd Birthday Party. All of Hailey’s old friends were there.

Alex's 3rd Birthday Party, Texas Jumping Bean
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Illustrated Gift Guide for Mr. Jones

Ideas for those inclined, as requested

### Books

[Enterprise Integration With Ruby](
* [Google Maps API](
[Pragmatic Version Control: __Using Subversion__](

### Kitchen
[West Bend White Electric Can Opener – 77205](
[White Steel Colander](

### Music
[Life Aquatic Studio Sessions](

### Misc
[16 inch Translucent Toolbox from The Container Store](

Christmas Tree Lighting

We went with Greg and Rachael to the Christmas tree lighting at the Capital. The weather wasn’t very Christmas-ie.

Texas State Capital, Austin

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Sea World November 2005

We took Hailey to Sea World for the last day of the season on our season passes. Next year we will have to buy Hailey a pass too.

Hailey likes to sing a song that goes…

> One little monkey swinging in the tree

> Teasing Mr. Alligator, can’t catch me

> And the alligator…

> *** SNATCHED ***

> that monkey right out of the tree

We were about to go eat lunch and stopped to look at the Alligators in the pond.

I told Hailey there were no monkeys in the trees because the alligators snatched them all out, just like in the song.