> H: bathroom mumble girl mumble go unintelligible

> D: What?

> H: I was talking to my cereal!

> D: Hmph.

Alex Stays Over

Alex stayed at our house Saturday night. This was his first night away from his parents. Hailey and Alex enjoyed playing outside with the bubbles.

Brianna, Hailey and Alex

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Veterinary Medicine

I am sad to say that veterinary medicine leads the way in medicine delivery. Today we received a package that included a prescription medicine for Natasha. The medicine is a liquid that is delivered orally. The bottle came with a syringe that attaches directly to the lid of the medicine bottle. You plug the syringe into the lid, turn the bottle upside down and draw the dosage. No mess and no waste.

I wish Hailey’s liquid medicines came like this. We always have trouble getting the liquid into the syringe when dealing with her prescriptions.

Also, the medicine is bacon flavored. There was some very bad tasting cough medicines that I took last week. I would have gladly tried bacon flavored over those.

That's Not Fair

Today is the first time that I have every heard Hailey tell me that something isn’t fair. It happened while we were eating dinner. I told her that if she didn’t take her fingers out of her drink, that I would just drink all of it. To which she responded, “that’s not fair.”


Hailey has began collecting rocks, or should I say pebbles. Nothing is obviously unique about these rocks. There is no reason that these rocks should be picked up and saved. Each day she brings more home to add to her collection. Today she was circled around the rat cage pointing and playing with the other kids. Her fist was balled tight, filled with rocks.

Hailey's Rocks

Hailey's 3rd Birthday

Hailey’s first real birthday party was at Gattitown on Saturday night. She was really excited about the party. All of her friends and relatives showed up with loads of fun gifts. She got so many great presents that we had to go to Target to buy some more new shelves to put them in.

Hailey's 3rd Birthday

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Swiss Army UT Watch

Brianna got me an awesome Swiss Army UT Watch for Christmas. I was wearing it and Hailey took a look and said, “Hey, you’ve got Bevo in your watch.”

Swiss Army UT Watch