Not Fruit Loops

> D: Get the Apple Jacks, they are like Fruit Loops.

> H: These are Fruit Loops!

> /taking them out of the pantry/

> H: Oh, they are not, Mom you were just kidding.

> /now that they are in the bowl/

> H: Mommy, where are the jacks?

Mason Dale Jones

Ja and Karen had their first baby last night. We went by after work to see them at the hospital.


March 23, 2006 at 06:24

Weight: 6 lb. 14.4 oz
Length: 19.5 in.
Head: 13.5 in.
Chest 12.25 in.

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I loaded up Hailey on Satuday night so we could go to the hardware store. As we were driving over Hailey asked if were were going to Home Depot. I said yes. She asked if it was the same Home Depot where they had the flowers. Last week we bought house plants and flowers from Home Depot so I said yes again. She asked if we could buy some more flowers. I asked why? She said, I want some roses.

The girl, she is becoming more like her mom now.