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Hailey Meets Katie

Video of Hailey meeting Katie for the first time.

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No Tubes, No Wires, No Hospitals

Katie is finally at home. She sleeps a lot. We have her downstairs with us, but you would never know it. Every three hours she wakes up and we feed her. Then she goes back to sleep.

No Tubes, No Wires, No Hospitals Sleeping Sleeping Waking Up Happy to be Home First Feeding at Home Rachael, Katie, and Hailey Rachael and Katie

Hailey got to see Katie for the first time today. She was very excited. Brianna went to get Hailey at school. It was nap time and her teacher was having a hard time getting Hailey to wake up. Hailey does not like to wake up. Brianna whispered, “guess who’s home?” Hailey jumped up ready to go. She wouldn’t take off her shoes for nap time. She wanted to be ready to go. Hailey has been doing soft touches on her baby every since. She alternates between calling her baby and sister.

Hailey is our hand-washing police. We put her in charge of making sure every visitor that comes to see Katie washes their hands. She is doing a terrific job.

Katie’s doctor told us that she was happy for us and very few parents act as excited about taking their child home as Brianna did. Yesterday, when the doctor told Brianna, on the phone, that we could possible take Katie home today. Brianna was quiet. The doctor said, hello, are you there? Brianna stopped crying and said, I love you; this is the best Mother’s Day present ever.


Day 10 in NICU

Katie is making good progress. Since removing her feeding tube, she has nippled enough at each feeding to be ready to come home. She is scheduled for a car seat study and a hearing test tomorrow. Then we should be on our way home.

The grandma’s dropped off the car seat this evening so the study can get started at any time. For this test, they will buckle Katie into her car seat and leave her for 30 minutes. To pass this test she should have no incidents of forgetting to breath or having her heart slow or stop. If you remember from Hailey this is called apnea and bradycardia (As and Bs). In her short existence, Katie has had only two incidents and both were minor and self-correcting. I do not expect her to have any issues that will keep her from coming home.

Sleeping on Day 10


Brianna just got a phone call from Katie’s doctor. If Katie takes all of her bottles tonight we can take her home tomorrow.

How the World Looks to a Baby

The world through the eyes of a baby (and here, report here).


Day 9 in NICU

Sometime during the night Katie decided that she no longer wanted the feeding tube in her nose. Since then she has been making good progress nippling her food. As of this evening there were no orders to put the tube back.


Smiling Smiling Smiling Smirking? Dreaming Sleeping Sleeping No Tubes Fists of Fury Smiling

Day 8 in NICU

Bundled Up and Sleeping

Katie is staying warm and is up to 4 lbs. 11 oz. Her milk is being fortified to increase calorie content. Her doctor would like to see her gain 1 oz a day. Last night she was up 2/3 oz.

She didn’t eat any of her 11:00 a.m. feeding for me. She ate her 8:00 p.m. feeding really fast, probably because her grandma feed her. It seems like we are still a little ways off from removing the feeding tube. To remove the tube, Katie will have to eat all of her feedings from the bottle. Right now she is skipping too many.

Katie made plenty of dirty diapers for mom to change. As soon as Brianna would get a clean diaper on Katie would make it dirty again and Brianna would have to start over.

Content Happy Snug and Secure Bundled Up and Sleeping Bundled Up and Sleeping

Day 7 in NICU

NICU one week later and Katie is doing well. She is trying to get all of her food from a bottle but there always seems to be 7 or 8 ml left after feeding. She is only eating 40 ml per feeding so they have to put the remainder down the tube in her nose.

Katie’s only mild setback is that she has been unable to keep her body temperature up. She is hovering around 96-97°F. They have begun fortifieing Katie’s milk to be sure that she gets enough caleries. This may help her get her temperature up. They have moved her from the window because it was a little drafty over there. Katie is under enough blankets for a trip to Poland in the winter. The little bundle in her isolette is more blanket than baby.