Day One in NICU

Tuesday marked the end of Katie’s first day in NICU. She has had to endure poking, prodding, and an attachment of velcro just under her nose to accept the CPAP hardware.

Katie breathing requires a bit of effort. With each breath she sounds as if she is crying very softly. They refer to this as ‘singing’ or ‘grunting’ and is not a desired trait. The CPAP machine makes the grunting go away. The grunting is probably due to some residual fluid in her lungs because she was born before her full term. Her sister had similar issues but required more extensive care because she was born sooner. The CPAP helps her breath. The air’s oxygen content has been enriched slightly.

She is unable to accept a bottle due to the conflicts with the hardware and the nipple. She is sucking madly on a pacifier. If the CPAP hardware was off she would probably go to town on a bottle.