Playing in the Grass

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The good thing about an online repository of my life is the search box up in the corner.

I can use that little box, sometime next year, to remember that Hailey had a fever last Saturday. I can use that little box to remember that Brianna took her to after hours on Sunday and that she had pneumonia for the third time in her three years of life. I can use that little box to remember that she had a fever for most of the week and by Thursday was feeling better, and by Friday had returned to school.


H: [whining] I want my candy.

B: [antagonizing] I want my oatmeal.

H: [sincerly] Dad will you make mom some oatmeal when we get home?

H: [looking at our neighbor] Is that God sweeping?

D: [confused] No, that is Rob.

H: I have an R in my name.

D: No you don’t, and I don’t know where you would put it if you did.

H: On the brown table in the living room.

H: [after I spilt my tea all over the coffee table and floor] Ha. Ha. Daddy. Ha! Ha!


First Day of School, First Day of School

Katie’s first day of school. They have lesson plans, circle time, learning events, and anything else a six week old child could want. Katie responded by sleeping.

First Day of School