I hate DVDs. Mostly the way they take control away from you, the owner of the equipment.

Hailey has some DVDs with at least 15 minutes of commercials. There is one DVD that disables the stop and eject buttons. Once you put it in you are doomed. I told her it was broken and refuse to put it back in.

This weekend I got a All the President’s Men DVD from NetFlix, a 1976 movie with Robert Redford. This is the way DVDs should be. You put it in and the movie starts playing.

No FBI Warning
No Previews
No Buttons Disabled

The disc goes in and the movie starts, if you want a menu you have to press the DVD players menu button the remote. I was so blown away by this that I had to try it twice.

Really awesome and really sad that no modern movie or next generation disc player will offer this simple viewer orientated feature.