Katie's Pigtails

Mom gave Katie pigtails this weekend. She enjoyed shaking her head side to side to make her hair twirl and flip around.

Mischievous Grin

UPS is the Suck

Sometime my cheap-a** side takes over and I go against my better judgment. Once again I have used UPS for shipping, when I knew at the time I should have paid extra for FedEx and once again UPS can’t seem to find my city. If the package gets sent to Austin, it will be a day late. If it gets sent to San Marcos, it will come on time. FedEx has no problem finding my city.

Interestingly, UPS website is useless. As of 8:30 p.m. it said that the delivery was on time and out for delivery. Now it just says, ‘Delivery Rescheduled.’ No mention that they are late and not on schedule. Maybe they think if they don’t say it, I won’t notice.