2010 Report on the Plum Creek HOA Fiscal Activities

By year-end 2010 the Plum Creek HOA will have 1424 homes. The reported revenues for this statement are $783,354 which includes $5,304 in early payment discounts ($20 off if you pay for the whole year in full).

The largest HOA expense is the category of Landscape Maintenance costing just over $177,000 per year. Second place goes to the live in management man (we are unclear of his necessity). He costs us just under $132,000 per year. There is an additional $41,262 in the category of administration.

Next up is the pool, with multiple teenage lifeguards who do little more than faun over their coworkers and talk with their friends, I expected the pool operation to be the largest expense. Instead it slides into third place at just under $109,000.

The most surprising expense is for telephone service. $6,864 per year, or $572 per month, I wonder who are we calling. Perhaps we should look for some bundled long distance savings.

It costs us $2,640 dollars a year for communication ($220 a month). Those newsletters and notice signs really add up.

Homeowner activities (the Easter Egg Hunt, BBQ Cook Offs, etc.) are $33,519. A measly 4.2% return on the assessments.

Luckily our current assessment rate will not be increasing next year.