San Antonio Zoo

We went to the zoo. Katie tried to talk to the animals and got mad at them when they didn’t say hi back. Otherwise she had the best time ever. I gave Hailey the camera and let her take all the pictures.


I’m still glad I married you.

B's Body Parts

Gallbladder removed. Day surgery apparently.

Pictures of organs removed from refrigerator. Not appeasing.

Ceiling Repair

We had an exciting adventure in drywall repair today. View in slide-show and mouse over the photos for the full details.

The Ceiling Above the Game Room

Playa Del Carmen

Spring Break 2007. Brianna made me get on a plane and take her on a real vacation. It was a blast. I miss the pool, the food, and the weather.

Playa Del Carmen

View the set.

That's Not a Couple

[Handing out fruit snacks]

B: You can only have a couple?


H: That’s not a couple. I have one, two, three, four five.

B: How many do you want?

H: Six!

B: Ok, here.


H: One, two, three, four, five, six.


H: [whining] I want my candy.

B: [antagonizing] I want my oatmeal.

H: [sincerly] Dad will you make mom some oatmeal when we get home?

H: [looking at our neighbor] Is that God sweeping?

D: [confused] No, that is Rob.

H: I have an R in my name.

D: No you don’t, and I don’t know where you would put it if you did.

H: On the brown table in the living room.

H: [after I spilt my tea all over the coffee table and floor] Ha. Ha. Daddy. Ha! Ha!