2010 Report on the Plum Creek HOA Fiscal Activities

By year-end 2010 the Plum Creek HOA will have 1424 homes. The reported revenues for this statement are $783,354 which includes $5,304 in early payment discounts ($20 off if you pay for the whole year in full).

The largest HOA expense is the category of Landscape Maintenance costing just over $177,000 per year. Second place goes to the live in management man (we are unclear of his necessity). He costs us just under $132,000 per year. There is an additional $41,262 in the category of administration.

Next up is the pool, with multiple teenage lifeguards who do little more than faun over their coworkers and talk with their friends, I expected the pool operation to be the largest expense. Instead it slides into third place at just under $109,000.

The most surprising expense is for telephone service. $6,864 per year, or $572 per month, I wonder who are we calling. Perhaps we should look for some bundled long distance savings.

It costs us $2,640 dollars a year for communication ($220 a month). Those newsletters and notice signs really add up.

Homeowner activities (the Easter Egg Hunt, BBQ Cook Offs, etc.) are $33,519. A measly 4.2% return on the assessments.

Luckily our current assessment rate will not be increasing next year.

Ceiling Repair

We had an exciting adventure in drywall repair today. View in slide-show and mouse over the photos for the full details.

The Ceiling Above the Game Room


The good thing about an online repository of my life is the search box up in the corner.

I can use that little box, sometime next year, to remember that Hailey had a fever last Saturday.
I can use that little box to remember that Brianna took her to after hours on Sunday and that she had pneumonia for the third time in her three years of life. I can use that little box to remember that she had a fever for most of the week and by Thursday was feeling better, and by Friday had returned to school.

No Tubes, No Wires, No Hospitals

Katie is finally at home. She sleeps a lot. We have her downstairs with us, but you would never know it. Every three hours she wakes up and we feed her. Then she goes back to sleep.

No Tubes, No Wires, No Hospitals



Waking Up

Happy to be Home

First Feeding at Home

Rachael, Katie, and Hailey

Rachael and Katie

Hailey got to see Katie for the first time today. She was very excited. Brianna went to get Hailey at school. It was nap time and her teacher was having a hard time getting Hailey to wake up. Hailey does not like to wake up. Brianna whispered, “guess who’s home?” Hailey jumped up ready to go. She wouldn’t take off her shoes for nap time. She wanted to be ready to go. Hailey has been doing soft touches on her baby every since. She alternates between calling her baby and sister.

Hailey is our hand-washing police. We put her in charge of making sure every visitor that comes to see Katie washes their hands. She is doing a terrific job.

Katie’s doctor told us that she was happy for us and very few parents act as excited about taking their child home as Brianna did. Yesterday, when the doctor told Brianna, on the phone, that we could possible take Katie home today. Brianna was quiet. The doctor said, hello, are you there? Brianna stopped crying and said, I love you; this is the best Mother’s Day present ever.


A while back we bought Hailey some yard/garden plastic boots. They were pink so why not. When we go outside to work in the yard or garage, Hailey will find her boots and put them on.



Dual Zone A/C

Visited Caraway today. Talked with the neighbor across the street and took some photos of the house. Hailey loved playing on the neighbor’s giant play scape.

The builder called to schedule our initial final walk through and schedule a closing date. We are within three weeks of moving. Brianna’s moms didn’t have a good experience with their movers so I will reschedule with the big mammal movers.

They installed the kitchen backslash and bathroom tiles today. I have photos in the Caraway set on
flickr. This dual AC unit is unexpected, I was told the AC unit would be a singular unit capable of two zones.

Sing It!

Last night while trying to get Hailey to go to sleep she told me to sing the bumblebee song. I told her I didn’t know what that was so I couldn’t sing it. Hailey decided to sing it to me. She started, I’m bringing home a baby bumblebee, and then stopped.

Your hands! My hands? Your hands, she said cupping hers together. Oh, I said, you want me to do my hands like yours? Yes, she started singing again, I’m bringing home a baby bumblebee, won’t my mommy be so proud of me.

She stopped, clapped, and said yeah. She looked at me and said, “Clap!” So I clapped and said yeah. We then repeated singing the bumblebee song for the next hour, or so it seems.

Even The Dog Listens

Hailey’s powers are mind numbing. She has managed to teach the dog to obey her. She took an ice-cube out of her cup, Natasha loves ice-cubes, Hailey doesn’t, and ordered Natasha to “Sit down.” Natasha put her head down and then, sat. She even lifted up her paw in the shake hands position.

Hailey made Natasha sit three or four times before finally giving her the ice-cube.