The French Tricolor

French Tricolor


San Antonio Zoo

We went to the zoo. Katie tried to talk to the animals and got mad at them when they didn’t say hi back. Otherwise she had the best time ever. I gave Hailey the camera and let her take all the pictures.


Family Portraits

Hailey has drawn each member of the family. I like mine because I have more hair.

Dusty, Portrait by Hailey
Brianna, Portrait by Hailey
Hailey, Self Portrait
Katie, Portrait by Hailey


What's Up? Seriously

The set.


San Antonio Zoo


Look at the photo credit next to the picture of the sleeping baby rhino. I took this picture about 2-3 years ago during my first visit to the zoo.


Katie's Pigtails

Mom gave Katie pigtails this weekend. She enjoyed shaking her head side to side to make her hair twirl and flip around.

Mischievous Grin


Disney World

We spent 5 days at Disney World for Hailey’s 5th birthday.

Disney World Vacation

See the flickr set.


Parent Date Night

Tonight is parent date night, Hailey just came in to say she was getting ready. She put on a dress, earrings, and a necklace.

Hailey Dressing Up for Date Night


Katie in the Colts

Katie Won't Keep Her Shoes On Eat or Sleep Family Style Dining The Cup Always Ends on the Floor No Shoes Mad About Foot Painting Still No Shoes She Likes Food Toys Curiosity Friends Loud Toys Pulling Things Out Pulling Up Making Noise

Hailey in the Trotters

Angel Sleeping Holding Our Breath Criss Cross Applesauce Artist Grumpy "T" Leaves